I was fortunate enough to be working for a company that Glenn spoke at. My relationship with my wife I thought was over. I went to Glenn with nothing to lose. At first I thought what he was saying was crazy and that I would never be able to do what he was suggesting. The more I listened, the more he made sense. Then I put it into practice and it worked! Amazing. My wife and I are happier now than at any time in our 20 years. Thanks, Coach!
Ed K.
I have known Coach Glenn Klein for 50 years. He is my confidant and lifelong friend. My biases notwithstanding, however, I wish to offer my full endorsement of his value as a Life Coach. While we were friends as small boys, the friendship continued and will continue for as long as the band plays. Anyone reading this who knows me is aware that I went through a devastating, life altering tragedy a number of years back, one I must deal with every day. Glenn not only outreached to me, he listened. Not only did he listen, but he listened in a nuanced way. Our conversations on the topic were entirely about me, and how I might possibly deal with my problems. This, to me, was a Godsend. In addition, I own a high stress business tied to Wall Street, and have found Glenn to be an outstanding sounding board and source of advice in dealing with business challenges. I encourage anyone who feels they may benefit from a sympathetic ear and practical solutions to life's problems should absolutely reach out to Da Coach.
Ken G.
Over the past 25 years I have worked side by side with Glenn Klein. I have seen Glenn coach and mentor hundreds of men and women. If someone is looking to improve as a human being, grow a company, or learn strategies to get there, Glenn Klein is someone you should have on your team.
“H” Rothenberg
Owner/Director, Triple C Camp, Virginia
I want to thank Glenn for helping support me through the separation from my husband…Glenn is very approachable and non-threatening. Most of all, Glenn made sure I was taking care of myself, often bringing to my attention important areas of my mental health I may have overlooked.
Emily H.
Alberta, Canada
After my twenty-year marriage ended, dating was more trouble than it was worth. I realized that I understood very little about the male-female dynamic. Glenn has spent years researching and thinking about this problem. His coaching is unique and definitely not PC. But he cuts to the core of the issue. I am five years into a great relationship with a wonderful woman. Glenn was a great resource when I met this woman and wanted to take it to the next level.
Greg A.
Today our sales and support staff participated in a tremendous group building and motivational seminar delivered by Glenn Klein. The presentation was informative, imaginative, easily understood, and greatly beneficial to our people. The day-long event was extremely engaging and thought-provoking. The information Glenn communicated has given our entire sales force renewed verve.
Mark I. Jacobs
Publisher, Adams Street Publishing, Toledo
If your goal is to improve productivity, increase employee morale, and motivate yourself and your management team to be better leaders, inviting Glenn Klein to work with your company is a key to accomplishing your objective. If you desire to go beyond what your believed to be your best, to increase sales and lower costs, then having Glenn Klein work with your company is an absolute essential tool!
Nate Rogowski
Head Sales Coach, Masonite International